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  • The way we handle transaction for our costumers

    Starting from good communication, Satisfying deals, selecting the best quality commodities, sustainable work contracts and promising business solutions.


    We are responsible for the sourcing, production, transportation, and delivery of the products, and adhere to international trade regulations and laws.

    Quick and Precise

    Emphasizes speed, accuracy, and attention to detail, ensuring that products reach destination in a timely manner and in the correct condition.

    Best Quality

    We are focused on delivering high-quality goods to customers in foreign markets, ensuring customer satisfaction and establishing a strong reputation.

    Great Team

    Our Team consists of people who are competent in their fields and have good skills. Our Suppliers are also the best suppliers

    Awesome Services

    High quality services offered for our costumers

    Presenting our best services, top notch work with quick turn around period of working as starts

    Experience and Integrity

    Delivering goods and services to our costumers while maintaining high standards of honesty and ethical behavior


    Sustainable and Natural

    Conducting trade in a way that minimizes harm to the environment and promotes social and economic sustainability


    Export Quality Control

    We ensure that goods and services being exported meet specific standards of quality, safety, and reliability to our costumer


    Good Product Packaging

    Ensuring that the packaging is properly designed, labeled, and secured to minimize damage and loss during transit

    The Best Commodity

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    Competent People in Their Fields

    Our Team

    Chief Excecutive Officer

    Achmad Firdausi

    Chief Executive Officer

    Marketing Officer

    Wildan Shalihin

    Marketing Officer

    Financial Officer

    Selly Aturrahma

    Financial Officer

    Operating Officer

    John Doe

    Operating Officer

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